13 May 2013

The Sweet Side of Hardship

The blisters from bending wire names every time - but it's the passion in creating that keeps me going. 

I first started bending wire names in the year 2009, and it has been almost 5 years of continuing the journey. One of the challenge I've always had was to counter the pain on my hands due to holding the pliers really hard in order that the wire is carefully gripped so it won't slip off while bending. Sometimes, I get blisters on my last three blisters, but there is always one blister that always remain or is the easiest to get - because of bending wires almost every day and having the main pressure point there.

I didn't actually realized it until a year ago, that the skin on those certain parts of my finger became thicker, and that the dead skin that is always peeling off at the blister point. But the more I feel my hand, the more I am reminded of the hardship and workmanship that has brought me to where I am today. Nothing is easy, and nothing comes without hardship. That's the value of experiences, and I really thank you all for supporting me throughout this journey. If it weren't for all of your love, I wouldn't be bending wires today!

Thank you for all your supports and love, they always encourage me!
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