10 June 2013

Feedback: Jaycee Cheah

A couple of weeks ago, I was given a challenge to bend two wire names as gifts for two very special people who were getting married. After a few days of discussion, Jaycee had requested two custom designed wire name jewelry - an enlarged initials wire name keyring made with antique bronze wire for the groom, and a copper wire name with a faux suede necklace. She had also requested several preferences on the style of bending the wire names, to make this gift specially customized. The package was sent directly to her friend.

The moment Jaycee's friend received the package, Jaycee sent me an email telling me about their experience and reaction on the wire names. After hard work and precise care of bending these special wire names with love, receiving that feedback instantly made me relieved and uplifted! It is always a memorable experience receiving feedbacks, to be assured whether my customers are satisfied with my handmades, if there are any room for improvements, and a sense of joy knowing if I have made their day and touch their lives in any small little way. And that, makes my day.

Thank you, Jaycee! God Bless you.


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