4 July 2013

How It Began

I enjoy art and creating things ever since I was a child, and I love trying new things. When it comes to making gifts, I like to make it by hand and make it personal, because it is one of a kind. In the year 2009, I bought myself some wires because I have previously seen beautiful wire sculptures being sold on the streets and I knew those wires can be created into anything, though I bought them without knowing what I would create with them. When I went home, I thought to myself, how about bending names and words? So I picked up my dad's plier and started my adventure. I made wire name key chains for my family & friends, felt satisfied and that was it. Without seeing it coming, I received responses and requests that I did not expect at all - I thought there was nothing special about it. After weeks and months of constantly being convinced and encouraged especially by my sister to sell it on the online craft blogshop I was running previously, I finally decided to give it a try after half year although I still had a little doubt. And once again, it blew my expectations and outsold all the other crafts that was on my shop! Almost a year later, I found out through this big creative community called Etsy that there are also many creative and artsy people selling their handmades including other wire artists, and that I wasn't the only one who create wire names! Feeling like it is the place to be, I started my own Etsy store to sell my wire names in March 2012 with the name Dazzlyn' Wire.
More on the meaning behind the name and how it was created, here!

Besides wire name key chains, I expanded the range to necklaces, rings, and so on. In the year 2011 before I created my Etsy shop, I invented these wire name pick/plectrum holder, which are can't be found in any other markets. After I created my Etsy shop in 2012, I also invented the first wire name/word infinity necklace which became the best seller of 2012, now having it on double loops too.

I never thought or imagined myself creating personalized wire names for more than a week or two. All I did was take the first step of adventure before even knowing how, and the following paths revealed by surprise. Now every time I think about this journey, it reminds me of having faith and knowing that God is our provider, and the grace that overflows even though we don't deserve it. And to see how much I've been blessed to this day is totally by the grace of God and blessings of this journey. I am honoured and grateful for each and every person that has ever crossed path in any way, whether you're my family, friend, customer, or even a visitor. You mean a lot to me. God bless you!

*Updated 6th August 2013:
The first attempt on bending wires, the second wire name I made - 4th March 2009.


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