5 September 2012

Story Behind the Name

Ever since 2011, I had been trying to find a suitable name for all my wire creations. I had an endless list of scribbles on the choices of names that I wrote and threw away, because none of it sounded like The one. Not at all. Let me tell you what I mean.

Some of the scribbled name ideas:
- Wire The Name
- Wire Thy Name
- Wire Your Name
- Wiresense
- Wiresome
- Wire Studio
- etc

Since it took me so long and really squeezed my brain juices on coming up with a suitable name, I procrastinated. I didn't exactly stop searching for a name, but I didn't give myself a deadline until I realized that I wasted almost a year and a half. So earlier this year, I really challenged myself to get it done and prayed to God that I'd find the suitable name for it.

While coming up with the name, this was the problem that I considered: When we hear the word 'wire', the first thing that would most probably come in our mind is electrical wires. But the thing is, I wanted the word 'wire' to be in the name so that people would get an impression of what I do from the name itself. So finally when the breakthrough came that I realize the problem, and solved it by suggesting words that would describe shiny, sparkling, or anything that would give 'wire' a whole new picture. This is almost the final stage of coming up with The name. It was really the end and breakthrough for that one over year. But well, Shiny Wire or Sparkling Wire sure don't sound like the right one, but Dazzling Wire sounds almost there. Then after a long time of deciding, I told my mother about the name that I'm likely to use - Dazzling Wire. Immediately she suggested to me, why not put my name in it, so it becomes Dazzlyn' Wire? And instantly, my heart connected to the name. That was it! It sounded perfect, I knew it was just THE name I'd been searching for. I was so excited and got all productive after over a year of not being able to find the right name, designed the logo, and finally created my Etsy shop for it. I really, really thank the Lord for His perfect timing and of course, my mother for my final breakthrough!

Dazzlyn' Wire, it simply means dazzling wire creations by Jesslyn. There is an apostrophe because I didn't want the word Dazzlyn to be a name by itself, but from the word "dazzling" with a little word play with my name. It sort of indicates the removal of the 'g' from '-ing', just like shinin', lovin', and so on.

So there it is: Dazzlyn' Wire - Personalized wire jewelry that dazzles! :)


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