29 August 2012

Product Feature: Infinity Necklace

CUSTOM Personalized Wire Name / Word INFINITY Necklace 925 Sterling Silver, Etsy

This customizable infinity wire name/word necklace is an original idea by Dazzlyn' Wire, where the idea came up when infinity symbols were trending but nobody made customizable names/word in the infinity symbol using wire. So that was how I started making it. And in fact, the 'forever' infinity necklace shown in the above picture was the very first infinity necklace that I made. I did a little online research to see if anyone already had the same idea but I can't seem to find any at all. It is the first to be published on the web as well as sold on Etsy, and it made it to one of Dazzlyn' Wire's top seller!
This infinity necklace can be customized to your own wire name or word. If not for personal wear, they make great gifts for girlfriends, bridesmaids, daughters, mothers, etc! I think it's a very nice personal statement for anything we hold dear in our hearts for our lifetime. For me, it would be my personal Saviour, Jesus Christ who died on the cross just for you and me to forgive our sins and make us white as snow, all by His overwhelming love and grace. ♥

Product details:
- The infinity pendant measures at about 2 inches +/- that comes with a 925 sterling silver plated 15 inches necklace (approx. 7.5 inch from each side of the pendant)
- Customizable up to a maximum of 7 letters. *For those who would like more letters than that, it is possible!  This goes out especially to all the One Direction fans or Directioners who inquired me many times about it. I made that limit so that the pendant size would be around 2 inches. Just note that the pendant size or words over 7 letters may be slightly bigger than 2 inches. Just contact me or you can also convo me on Etsy about how you can purchase the infinity necklace with above 7 letters! :)


Anonymous said...

I would like to know if you could put "stay strong" on the necklace?? How much would it cost? And how long will it take to ship?? Please contact me

Jesslyn said...

Hey there, yes I can - but it will be a little bigger than 2 inches. Can I have your email? :)

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